Mutter properly being inspectors are investigating a Maine restaurant that attempted to mellow out lobsters with marijuana earlier than killing them to be served, cracked and eaten.

The Portland Press Herald reported that Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound in Southwest Harbor remains start however has stopped permitting customers to demand meat from lobsters sedated with marijuana.
Proprietor Charlotte Gill is a affirm-licensed scientific marijuana caregiver. She talked about on Friday she hoped to resume gross sales of “smoked” lobster meat by mid-October, a pass supposed to slash motivate the suffering of her lobsters earlier than they’re dropped in boiling water.
It’s a ways unknown whether or now no longer pot smoke calms lobsters or has any discontinuance on their meat.
A Maine Division of Health and Human Services spokeswoman, Emily Spencer, would now no longer remark if the affirm had asked Gill to discontinuance such gross sales.
However Gill told the Press Herald that “after being contacted by the affirm, and upon reviewing its show camouflage rules and codes appropriate to this arena, and then making about a minor adjustments to our arrangement, we are utterly confident that we are in a position to be in a location to proceed as deliberate”.
“I feel about we are in a position to serene hang a beat motivate from the affirm on our palms,” she talked about, “however we are confident that we are in a position to be in a location to enviornment any factors they are going to hang with us, and accomplish it with grace.
“These are crucial factors and ones that can maybe additionally profit now no longer handiest the lobster, however the change as properly. The truth is we’re now no longer attempting to pass in opposition to [the state’s] wishes and would take to work with them in expose for us all to make this world a kinder space.”
Spencer talked about it would be as much as the Maine Scientific Marijuana Program to resolve if Gill became the usage of hashish accurately. A program spokesman, David Heidrich, told the newspaper he would possibly maybe maybe now no longer verify if it became investigating the lobster restaurant.
However he added: “Scientific marijuana would possibly maybe maybe handiest be grown for and offered to persons with a marijuana recommendation from a certified scientific provider. Lobsters are now no longer folks.”

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