Halloween is barely over but there’s still time to sneak in one more creepy tale. It’s the story of The Beastie Boys and a ring that wouldn’t leave. As the group told Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s Tonight Show, Ad-Rock received the ring as a gift from an enthusiastic fan who cornered him in the early 90’s, and from the beginning the ring was known to end up in a different bag from where it started. Oooo! Then, 15 years later, while the group was touring together in 2007, the ring reappeared in Ad-Rock’s bag, to his shock and dismay. Was the ring haunted? Cursed? A demon in disguise sent to be slightly annoying forever? No. It was an incredibly long and well-thought out prank by the late Adam Yauch, of course.

Beastie Boy Ad-Rock Was Haunted By a Ring for 15 Years

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