Oct 31, 2018 | Web Team
If you had a million dollars, would you really spend it on an authentic rock from the surface of the moon? That is the question millionaires will have to ask themselves.
Sotheby’s is auctioning off moon rocks that are expected to fetch up to $1 million. It is only the second time that moon rocks have been legally purchased.
The three tiny rocks are the only bits from the moon that have ever been owned privately. The samples from the moon were captured by an unmanned Soviet spacecraft in 1970.
When the rocks were sold for the first time in 1993, they were purchased for $442,500. The U.S. considers materials from the moon (gathered during the Apollo mission) to be the property of the government.
Source: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/moon-rocks-auction-sothebys_us_5bd997c1e4b019a7ab58d112

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