By Jeremy Snodgrass
– November 5, 2018

With all of the drama surrounding The Shield in recent weeks, it’s been easy to forget that Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are Raw Tag Team Champions. But that is no longer the case.
Raw in in Manchester, England on Monday meaning that they have a five-hour headstart on America’s east coast. This means spoilers will be bountiful and the most noteworthy news coming across the Atlantic is that The Authors of Pain just defeated Seth Rollins to become Raw Tag Team Champions.
Given he and Ambrose are estranged, Rollins came out to relinquish the belts. However, he was interrupted by Drake Maverick and AOP and was forced to defend the titles in a handicap match. As you could have guessed, things didn’t go well, and now Rollins has one more reason to kick in Ambrose’s face.

AoP nuevos tag team champions de RAW OwO #WWERAW
— Iamjovahnwhoisjovahn (@JovJovahn) November 5, 2018

0commentsRollins is still Intercontinental Champion, something that Dean Ambrose is likely eyeing. They’re expected to go one-on-one at TLC in December, but it’s unclear how this month will look for them. Regardless, Monday has been a tough day of work for Rollins, but for AOP, it could be the beginning of a dominant run.
Like so many other NXT tag teams, The Authors of Pain arrived on the main roster with nothing to do. Since being called up, AOP has done little more than squash jobber duos, but the addition of Drake Maverick signaled that WWE was invested in the diabolical pair of wrestlers. At the moment, Raw’s tag division is remarkably thin, so we don’t see AOP losing those titles anytime soon. Here’s them finding their stride now that they’ve become WWE Champions.

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