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Kirby can team up with enemies and allies from past titles through Dream Palaces. From left: Meta Knight, Bandana Waddle-Dee, Kirby, and Rick the Hamster.

SALT LAKE CITY — Kirby went into full beast mode in the latest trailer for “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”
What happened: The popular Nintendo video game franchise unveiled its latest trailer for its upcoming adventure mode, World of Light, which shows how the spirits of Spirit Mode — yes, that’s another mode in the game — came to be.

Basically, the trailer shows all the famous “Super Smash Bros.” characters dying — except for one: Kirby.
“Kirby is the lone holdout, which means he has to help recover all 73 other fighters,” Polygon reports. “The bad news is that they’re all possessed in their unconscious forms, which gives Kirby a huge role. Of course, he won’t be totally alone for the entire campaign, but he’s going to have to win his co-competitors back before we can take over for them.”

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How Spirit Mode works: For Spirit Mode, gamers will compete as Kirby against the red-eyed zombie versions of other “Super Smash” characters, according to NintendoWire.
There’s still more to come since parts of the mode are being kept under wraps for now.
New characters: Nintendo held a 40-minute presentation Thursday at which they showed off new characters for the upcoming game, The Verge reports.
New characters for the game include Ken from “Street Fighter” and Incineroar from “Pokemon”
The game will have 74 players from the beginning.

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