On Sunday, an American citizen was arrested by Mexican authorities after a U.S. consul official was shot in the pacific coast state of Jalisco.

Mexican Federal Authorities released a joint statement saying that the unidentified American suspect was deported back to the United States for the “cunning and cowardly attack.”

However, the suspect’s possible motive for what Secretary of State John Kerry called a  “heinous attack” was not revealed.

Meanwhile, the unidentified consul official who was shot in Guadalajara on Friday is now in a stable condition and recovering well, Mexican authorities said.

guadalajara-shooting-suspectHours after the incident, the U.S consulate released a video footage of the shooting attack. The suspect was seen wearing a dark blue shirt and pants, waiting for the victim near the security gate. Minutes after, a black car stopped at the gate, and just feet away the suspect pointed the gun at the car’s windshield then fires. After the shots were fired, the man immediately ran away.

According to the consulate’s statement on Facebook, the FBI is willing to give $20,000 worth of reward in exchange for useful information that could help with the identification of the attacker.

Guadalajara is the second biggest city in Mexico and known for being the home of rival drug gangs.

Further, a total of 25 police officers were killed in a span of two months by a powerful cartel in 2015. A military helicopter was shot out of the sky, and the cartel “shut the state of Jalisco down” with 40 road blockades, a U.S. State Department report said.