SYDNEY, Australia – In a report by the Sydney based Daily Telegraph, a couple was attacked while riding a train in South-West Sydney by an Arabic-speaking gang while shouting “F%#* Jesus!”

The victim of the attack, Mike (Surname asked to be withheld for fear of being targeted by the Muslims) indicated that four men of Middle Eastern descent suddenly ripped his cross from his neck, threw it on the ground and stomped on it while another gang member kicked and punch him. Meanwhile, two other women attacked his girlfriend who was then trying to protect him.

According to Mike, there were five uniformed transport officers who was watching the attack but did not intervene to stop it.

Mike who was born in Australia of Greek descent told the Daily Telegraph that: “I’ve always worn my cross. For them to rip it off and step on it has to be a religious crime … It’s not on to feel unsafe in your own country.”

Crucifix-by-MikeGreek community leader Rev. George Capsis said that “This is not an isolated incident,” as Rev. Capsis indicated that Mike was the fourth incident where a Christian was attacked by a Muslim gang in just the last six months.

Rev. Capsis said: “There are gangs of these young fellows of Muslim background who have been harassing people they identify as Christian … You don’t hear about it because no one’s reporting it.”

All four incidents happened in a public transport in the South-West of Sydney. He said that “It’s like their territory.” He further adds: “They don’t want Christians or other types of infidels there.”

Rev. Capsis believes that the attacks on Christians has to stop, but with the absence of clear and decisive response from the authorities, all he can advise is for the Christians to hide their faith in when they see Muslim groups so that they would not be provoked to attack.

He said “People like Greek Orthodox carry a big cross.” He pointed out: “I tell them to be practical and if they’re in those areas and wearing a big cross and a group of young guys comes, hide it in your shirt. Why provoke it?”

Meanwhile, Sydney Trains defended the transport officers’ inaction during the incident as they released a statement to the Daily Telegraph. They indicated that the main responsibility of the train transport officers is for tackling fare evasion and that they are trained to observe from a “safe space” if there is an ongoing assault on a passenger.

Columnist Miranda Devine indicated in the report questioned the responsibility of the transport officers saying: “Why are ticket inspections deemed more important than passenger safety? She further stated: “Surely, if taxpayers funds dedicated Transport Officers to ride the trains all day, they should be authorized to do more than just observe crimes and call police. Anyone can do that.”