Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rommel Parane

Rommel Parane
Newsline General Manager for Pacific Division, News Editor and General News Contributor. A Military enthusiast with an SME (Subject Matter Expert) in the World War II history. Always ready to lend a helping hand in support for the veterans and gives full respect to the contributions of our Heroes. An outdoor enthusiast who enjoys the early morning sun over freshly brewed coffee out in the wild.
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UC Berkley Professor Inferred Trump Provoked Migrant Riots in Sweden

Robert Reich
Robert Reich, a professor at the UC Berkley has indicated that President Donald Trump provoked the violent riots in Sweden. In his twitter message he said: “Trump’s lies have consequences. 48 hrs after his comments on Sweden, riots broke out in an immigrant community.” His message was directed at the recent speech of President Trump […]

Australian PM Turnbull Vows Support for Israel as he Welcomes Israeli...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull arrive at their bilateral meeting at Admiralty House in Sydney
SYDNEY, Australia – Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull warmly welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday. PM Netanyahu is the first Israeli Prime...

Making Illegal Immigrants ‘Uncomfortable’, Northampton Police Stops Giving Kids High Fives

Northampton police last December started the ‘High-5 Friday’ program where officers would greet children with smiling faces and an open palm for some high...

European Parliament President Warns Influx of Millions of African Migrants

African Migrants arriving in Italy
President of the European Parliament (EP) Antonio Tajani urged for investments in Africa otherwise Europe would be flooded with millions upon millions of migrants. Tajani...

Sweden: Riot Erupts in Predominantly Immigrant Populated Stockholm Suburb

Swedish Riots
Swedish police reported that riots erupted in a heavily immigrant populated Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby after officers arrested a suspect at an underground station...

Liberal’s Call to Boycott Trump Products Flopping, Products Now Considered Bestsellers

With the left-wing activists aiming their ire on Trump products, they have called for a boycott of not only the product but also those...

Birds of Prey Join the Fight Against ISIS Terror Threats

Training the Eagle to fight ISIS threats
In the fight against terrorism, French authorities are always on the lookout for ways to secure the safety of their nation and their citizens....

Russian Ambassador to the UN Suddenly Dies in New York

Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin died suddenly while working in New York on Monday.  He would have celebrated his 65th...

Austrian Carnival Season Brings in Demand for Trump Toupees

Trump Wigs
AUSTRIA (AP) – U.S. President Donald Trump has been a worldwide figure even before his inauguration as the 45th President of the United...

Hitler’s Phone Sells for $243,000 at U.S. Auction

hitlers phone 2
The Fuehrer’s personal phone sold at an auction on Sunday for $243,000. The phone, a crimson painted Bakelite phone with an engraving of Adolf...