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OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Just as former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Zachary Orr officially stepped away from the NFL, another door has apparently opened.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said there might be an opportunity to work for the organization in some capacity.

Months after initially announcing that his career was over because of a congenital neck and spine condition, a second opinion provided Orr with a glimmer of hope for a comeback with Baltimore or another team.

However, after further evaluation, Orr was not cleared to play by any NFL franchise, forcing him to officially retire for good. That doesn’t mean other opportunities don’t await in another capacity as a scout or an assistant coach.

“I am a big admirer of Zach Orr,” Harbaugh said. “He just comes from a great family. All of those kids are doing great because their parents are so amazing. He is going to be successful in many ways and in whatever he does, but I think he wants to be in football.

“I think he wants to get involved in football, and we will probably try to talk him into coming here and being a part of what we do. I sure would like to have him on board – scouting or coaching – whatever he wants to do, if he wants to do it. He has expressed an interest in doing that. Good for him.”

Orr was initially placed on injured reserve after suffering a herniated disk Christmas Day against the Pittsburgh Steelers. A post-season CT scan finally revealed the problem. Orr previously did not have that test because there was no history of neck problems, and therefore, not necessary.

Orr evolved from being an undrafted player from North Texas to a starter last season. Orr tied for eighth in the NFL with 132 combined tackles and earned second-team All-Pro honors.

“He has peace with the whole thing now, I believe,” Harbaugh said. “He will get on with the rest of his very successful life.”