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President Donald Trump can take some positive steps during the White House’s theme for this week, “Made in America,” according to Bill Bennett, a Fox News commentator who was President Ronald Reagan’s secretary of education.

“This is a good issue for the president, obviously. This is how the public identifies him, as a business guy,” Bennett said Monday on “Fox & Friends.”

“We have got an economy that’s moving. Confidence in this economy is extraordinary . . . and the market is obviously an indicator. So I think this is a good thing to build on,” Bennett said.

Bennett praised the president’s plan for regulation and deregulation, saying that his plan to remove two regulations for every new one is making a “positive difference.”

The former education secretary pointed out that the growth in the confidence in the economy is not happening as a result of laws that have been passed.

“This is happening without major legislation. Get major tax reform legislation, and you will see a four-barrel carburetor attached, a thruster, a booster rocket to this, and it would be great, and we need to do it pretty soon,” Bennett said.

Bennett was also President George H.W. Bush’s director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, and is a senior adviser to Americans For Responsible Drug Policy. He wrote in The Daily Signal on June 29 about the fight against opioid abuse.

“We could now build the equivalent of one Vietnam Memorial Wall a year given the carnage we are wreaking on ourselves with drug abuse,” Bennett wrote.