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Democrats calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment are out of bounds, as there is “no statute that’s been violated,” Rep. Dave Brat said Monday.

“Whenever [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi starts talking about ethics, you know you ought to run for the hills,” the Virginia Republican told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” program.

“[Sen.] Mark Warner came on over the weekend on the Sunday shows, before he saw ‘smoke, smoke, everywhere he went. Now he sees fire, right?”

The problem is, said Brat, is that Democrats like Warner “cannot name the fire. They cannot name the statute, and they rely on this conflating two issues.”

One issue is Russian involvement in the election, said Brat, but Trump’s opponents have been calling for his impeachment since his first day, right after he won.

“The new piece that I don’t think people have focused on enough is the national mainstream media,” said Brat. “They are no longer doing news at all. Their talking heads are doing opinion pieces 24/7. And I mean 24/7, right? They are saying you are guilty, you are. This none of it is news. Right? So if your kid sticks his hand in the cookie jar, you are guilty.”

He also spoke out about GOP Sen. Susan Collins calling for Republicans to work with Democrats to hammer out Obamacare repair, calling that “incredible.”

Further, if senators don’t end Obamacare regulations, they won’t end Obamacare, said Brat.

“If you don’t get rid of the regulations, everybody at home, you prices are going to go up 20 to 30 percent every year until you can no longer afford healthcare at all,” said Brat. “All the small businesses in my district are having a hard time hiring people because they cannot afford healthcare.”

Senators, said Brat, had seven years to weigh through the complexity of Medicaid, and that includes Collins.

“Go do it, but right now, it’s voting time,” the lawmaker said.