Boris Johnson

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has canceled his planned trip to Russia on Monday. Johnson said that the Syrian situation has prompted him to abort his trip saying that the “developments in Syria have changed the situation fundamentally.”

Sec. Johnson decided to cancel the trip after the U.S. sent 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles in response to the use of deadly chemical weapons on civilians.

He indicated that his priority is to continue coordinating with the US and other countries in support of a viable ceasefire in Syria.

Sec. Johnson said that he is working to meet with “like-minded partners” and to “explore next steps soon.” The G7 meeting set on April 10-11 will be the venue in which the ceasefire in Syria would be one of the main topics, as well as the possible next step of the G7.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson, however, will push through with his planned trip to Moscow after the G7 meeting.

Johnson also said that when Sec. Tillerson visits Moscow after the G7 meeting, the US Secretary of State would be able to deliver a “clear and coordinated message to the Russians” of the world’s leading seven industrialized nations.

In a statement, Johnson slammed Russia for its continued defense of Assad’s regime as he said: “We deplore Russia’s continued defense of the Assad regime even after the chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians,” he however urged Russia to “do everything possible to bring about a political settlement in Syria and work with the rest of the international community to ensure that the shocking events of the last week are never repeated.”