Belgian soldiers patrol in the neighborhood of Molenbeek

Belgian authorities have uncovered at least 51 groups with links to terror organization that have been operating in the Brussels neighborhood of Molenbeek. The confidential report was released on Monday in conjunction with anti-terror measures being implemented in the country.

According to the Belgian Newspaper De Morgen, there were 8,600 houses and 22, 668 in the area of Molenbeek that have been checked by the Belgian authorities over the past year. Report indicate that of the 1,600 organizations and businesses in Molenbeek, ,102 are suspected of having ties with criminal syndicates while another 51 are under watch from having links with terror groups.

Authorities have also gathered a list of 72 individuals who are now being closely monitored for suspected involvement with terror groups. Of the list, 46 individuals are still residing in Belgium while the remaining 26 individuals are believed to have gone to Syria as jihadists.

Molenbeek 2The report also said that for the past year, there was no indication of any Belgian leaving the country to join the Islamic Jihadists in Syria.

Molenbeek became infamous after the terror attack in Paris in 2015 and Brussels last year. The attacks that were perpetrated by Islamic militants were planned in Molenbeek. The area is known to be the “jihadi capital” of Europe. Almost all of the attacks on the west have links to Molenbeek.

However, the anti-terror measures in the country have taken its toll on Police authorities. Police in the area last Jan 6 has all called in sick to show their protest to the long hours of work they have to endure. The police force has a shortage of 40 police officers which was why each member of the police force had to double up their efforts after the anti-terror measures were increased in 2015.