During the confirmation of Rep. Xavier Becerra as California Attorney General on Tuesday, the Democratic Assemblyman of California Reggie Jones-Sawyer predicted a “legal war” against incoming President-elect Donald Trump’s administration.

According to a report of the San Diego Union-Tribune and other news outlets, Assemblyman Jones-Sawyer said that California State will deal with a “long, legal war” after the succeeding US President “ran the most xenophobic campaign in modern history.”

Becerra, a House Democratic Caucus member, and a U.S Congressman was nominated by Gov. Jerry Brown to serve as the next Attorney General of the State of California succeeding former Attorney General Kamala Harris who sworn in last week as California’s newly elected US senator. Further, his {Becerra} candidacy for “Attorney General” position revolves around his promise to fight and protect state policies against incoming Trump’s administration immigration and mass deportation plans.

The California legislatures decided to retain U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for the same intent – to stand against the incoming Republican administration, though Republican State Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Roseville) is questioning the legality of that move.

As Gov. Brown introduced Becerra at the two-hour State Assembly’s hearing, Brown warned that “there are big battles ahead.”

Xavier Becerra and Gov. Jerry BrownIn his statement, Becerra found a sudden interest in state’s rights, vowing to defy “federal intrusion” in California: “You will find me being as aggressive as possible working with all of you to figure out ways that we can make sure there is no federal intrusion in areas that are really left to the state in the U.S. Constitution,” Los Angeles Times reported.

Democrats repeatedly said that federal government has full control with “Immigration.”

The Los Angeles Times said that the California State Assembly panel voted 6-3 in favor of confirming of Rep. Xavier Becerra as the State Attorney General.