Still thinking that you can select the best VPN provider considering only its price? Frugal users pay twice, especially when it comes to online security. If your operating system is Mac OS and you think that your computer stays not protected enough, it is in your interests to acquire a service, providing more protection when its absence. This is possible if you not browse all possible companies’ websites but select your provider using the right criteria.

5 main criteria for selecting better VPN:

  1. Good reputation and reviews of consumers: You deeply mistake if you think that you will be the first user of a particular VPN. If this service exists for at least a year, there are a lot of users who have ever tried to download and use it. You can use their experience by finding reviews they’ve made. Instead of reading advertisements like The best Mac VPN 2017: Free & Cheap VPN for Mac, you will find the true information about this provider;
  2. Vast geographical coverage: If some virtual private network doesn’t allow you to attend websites you frequently use in countries where they stay restricted, it is not the right option. The right virtual network provider is the one, having servers both in your country and the country you are planning to visit. That is why, when you choose your VPN provider for Mac OS, make sure it covers as many countries as possible;
  3. Intensive use of new technologies and encryption mechanisms: A reliable VPN is the one, detecting all possible cyber fraud schemes before any hacker implements it. Cybercriminals are not stupid, as they earn living by seeking loopholes in virtual private network protection. Only the most innovative stay capable of winning professional hackers, that is why they stay worth relying on;
  4. Continuity of protection: Imagine, your provider suddenly stops operating. When it happens with most VPNs, user’s Internet data becomes visible for ISP and other people, who can benefit from it. The best providers have a kill switch option, which stops Internet connection when secured network finishes;
  5. Speed of network: Normally, encryption of data takes some time. It means that when you use any website with virtual private networks, its speed of downloading stays smaller than normal. Anyway, one can find a lot of VPNs for Mac OS, which don’t slow down the downloading speed. You can easily find and try them with your computer and if speed doesn’t get slower, you will not download some file for an hour.

What Else Mac Users should Consider?

Some VPNs use ads, which might slow down Internet connection, while some of them can record your data and sell it to interested parties. This is not about companies with more expensive services as they get enough revenues from clients’ subscriptions. This seems true for providers offering lowest prices. That is why, when we talk about internet security providers, it is much better to pay more but to not lose in speed or in the quality of protection.