CNN studio

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has just released leaked recordings revealing CNN editors showing bias to the left. More than 119 hours of raw audio was recorded in 2009 inside the Atlanta headquarters of CNN. The leaked tapes were recorded by an anonymous whistleblower identified as “Miss X.”

James O'Keefe of Project Veritas
James O’Keefe, Founder of Project Veritas

News Desk Editor for CNN’s “The Wire” at that time, Joe Sterling can be heard on one of the recordings, brushing aside any question on climate change and comparing it to creationism. Sterling said: “That issue, climate change, I mean science is pretty much on board and there are a few dissenters. There’s no debate. It’s like, you know, born-against saying there’s a debate over, you know creationism, and all that stuff. There is no debate.”

CNN’s Assignment Desk Editor at that time, Nicky Robinson was also heard in the recordings singling out Fox News. Robinson said “Fox News, I think Fox News is unbearable. It’s horrible,”

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe at a press conference stated: “We’ve got 100 million people out there who’ve got no-one to speak for them.”

He further adds that: “Project Veritas is determined to expose malfeasance, corruption, and wrongdoing.”

O’Keefe also announced that more people are coming out to corroborate the story and prove that there is indeed a bias of established media. He said: “We’ve already have two whistleblowers come forward since we announced these tapes. People are coming to us now, on the inside.”

According to O’Keefe, the CNN Leaks would be the first salvo in their commitment to expose the bias of mainstream media. He said: “[CNN Leaks] is the first in a long effort to target and expose abuse within the media, and that includes social media.

Who knows? Maybe we have someone inside with a camera right now, recording everything.”