Emergency Kittens

Donald Trump seems to have come up with a unique way of preparing for high office…following the popular Emergency Kittens Twitter account.

After his official inauguration as President of the USA on January 20 he may have to deal with national and international emergencies.

However until then he can concern himself with the @EmrgencyKittens on Twitter, where the biggest decisions followers have is which cute cat picture to view or post next.

The account is certainly very popular indeed as it has 1.85 million followers around the world who can dip into a wealth of cute cat and kitten pictures and videos.

Why the President Elect decided to follow Emergency Kittens is unclear – he does not have any pets – but as soon as people began to notice the high profile follower he promptly unfollowed.

Trump is followed by 18.4 million people and only follows 42 Twitter accounts back, mainly those related to politics and business.

However, for a brief time at least,Emergency Kittens became the 43rd account followed by the man who will become the 45th President of the US.

Donald Trump follows Emergency Kittens
President Elect Donald Trump followed, then unfollowed Emergency Kittens on Twitter.

People quickly noticed the high profile follower and the site owner even took the opportunity to try and engage Trump in conversation with a cat-themed joke.

The next president was asked: “What do you call a pile of kitties?” with the answer being “A Meowntain,” however Trump had already unfollowed the cat-themed site before the punchline could be delivered.

Typical posts on the site are amusing cat-centric pictures and short videos such as these below: