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Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson said his home and property in the Florida Keys sustained damage in Hurricane Irma to the point it seems like it was “napalmed.”

Johnson, who works for Fox Sports as a commentator during the NFL season, told Sports Illustrated his home on Islamorada is partially destroyed.

His driveway is buried in seaweed and debris, the pool has two feet of sand in it, the dock is destroyed, and his house had 18 inches of water on the first floor.

“Looks like the place has been napalmed,” Johnson said. “I saw the pictures, and I about threw up. I spent 30 years building up that property to exactly the way we wanted it, and to see it now, it hurts. But I guess you look at it and think, I’m fortunate, at least, because I can afford to build it back up.”

Johnson added he and his wife Rhonda will never leave their home on the Keys.

“Oh, we’ll stay. It’s the place I’ve been happiest,” Johnson said. “It’s where I’ll die.

“It’s the lifestyle. There’s no stress. Jimmy Buffett sang about it . . . Margaritaville. The good life, with no stress. Now, we do have some stress.”

Officials believe roughly 25 percent of the homes in the Florida Keys were destroyed in Irma over the weekend.