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Sen. Lindsey Graham said Thursday he would subpoena former FBI director James Comey to come in front of a Capitol Hill committee to face a variety of questions about the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the 2016 election.

“He’s coming one way or the other, if I have anything to do about it,” Graham said, adding that he would use a subpoena if he has to.

“We now know that he had made up his mind to exonerate [Clinton] before he even interviewed her, which is a bit odd.”

Graham then listed several reasons why he feels Comey’s June testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee contained information that conflicts with reports and leaks that have subsequently come out.

“He told the committee that the main reason he got involved in July is because [former Attorney General Loretta] Lynch met [former President] Bill Clinton on the tarmac and he thought that compromised Loretta Lynch’s impartiality, so he sorta took over the case,” Graham said.

“He also told some people that the real reason he jumped into the middle of the case in July is he thought the Russians had an email between the [Democratic National Committee] and the Department of Justice trying to rig the Clinton investigation. The real reason was not the tarmac meeting.

“I can’t make sense of this. I’m very suspicious of the timing. I’m very suspicious of the reason.”

Comey announced last summer that he would not recommend charges be brought against Clinton, who used a private email setup during her time as secretary of state (2009-2013). Several reports have since come out that seem to suggest there is much more to the story.

“There is so much to be determined here. Comey needs to come back,” Graham said. “What was his real reason for clearing Hillary Clinton? Had he made up his mind before he even talked to her?”

Trump fired Comey in May, which critics saw as a way to influence the ongoing investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.