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Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said Tuesday the Senate Committee on the Judiciary is working out details to receive copies of documents related to former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort despite reports that say Manafort could be indicted.

Grassley was asked about whether an agreement has been struck to gain access to those documents.

“At this point, there was a meeting at the staff level yesterday,” Grassley said. “In principal, a lot of things have been agreed to — maybe I shouldn’t say a lot of things. Some things have been agreed to.

“Details have to be worked out and we will wait until those details are worked out until we make a final announcement.”

The Washington Post posted a clip of Grassley’s comments.

Recent reports suggest the Department of Justice’s Russia probe is honing in on Manafort over allegations that he violated IRS laws through his international consulting business. He was allegedly told after the FBI raided his home in July that he would likely be indicted.

Grassley was asked whether reports about the pending Manafort indictment were making his job of gaining access to the documents more difficult, to which he declined to comment.

Manafort worked for President Donald Trump’s campaign last year and was chairman of the effort for roughly two months before he resigned after reports surfaced that he had received illegal payments for consulting work.

Last week, Grassley did admit that the Judiciary Committee might not subpoena Manafort if he is indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller’s team at the Department of Justice.