humburg airport

Hundreds of passengers at Hamburg airport were evacuated by German firefighters after an unidentified hazardous substance possibly released via the air-conditioning system caused various injuries to more than 50 persons.

Karen Stein, airport spokesperson, said all flights were suspended for a number of hours due to the evacuation, however air operations were resumed around 2 p.m.

humburg airport air scareOver 50 passengers and airport personnel were afflicted by various symptoms – difficulty in breathing, stinging eyes, and nausea. According to German news agency dpa, emergency personnel were checking to see if any of the injured needed to be rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Special zones outside the building were specified by firefighters where medical personnel could examine those affected by the unidentified substance

The passengers and staff who were uninjured were evacuated outside the terminals and had to stand in the open in freezing weather.

Presently, the origin of the substance remains unknown. Nonetheless, Stein stressed, “but we’re working closely together with the authorities to find out more.