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Conservative political commentator Laura Ingraham lashed out at the Republican Party, especially Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, as the latest GOP health reform legislation looks headed for failure.

Speaking on Tuesday on “Fox & Friends,” Ingraham said that “The problem here is that the Republicans botched it at the kickoff” and now find themselves “trying to cram something that isn’t really a real appeal” of Obamacare.

Four Republican senators have said they will vote against the current version of the bill, and in order for it to pass there can be only two GOP defections, with Friday looming as a deadline for the legislation to be approved.

Ingraham angrily said the GOP finds themselves in this position because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “couldn’t get the job done on full repeal.”

“They are here because the Republican Party, in a reprehensible manner, has failed the working-class people and the voters who elected them to do precisely what they claimed they would do.”

Ingraham focused her anger at McConnell, saying that “If you are going to be the leader of the Senate, you need to get your coalition together or stop promising things.”

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