Muslim Veil

BOLOGNA, Italy – A Muslim mother, out of anger for has shaved her 14-year-old daughters head after she found out that her daughter was taking off her veil as soon as she leaves the house.

The girl who refuses to accept the imposition of her mother to wear the veil would remove her veil once she has gone out and will just put it back on before going home. Her mother caught her daughter and was punished by shaving off her head.

Her teacher upon learning from the child on what had happened to her head, informed the principal who then called the police to report of the incident.

The parents were charged with mistreatment and abuse and the case is now at the hands of the local prosecutor and the social services since the case involves a minor.

Yassine Lafram, coordinator of the Muslim community in Bologna sympathized with the girl and indicated that Islamic tradition dictates that “any form of coercion makes the act itself invalid.” The parents should not have imposed on the girl as all the prescriptions of Islam “are part of a free choice of the person and no one can impose them, religiously speaking,”

Yassine Lafram,
Yassine Lafram, coordinator of the Muslim community in Bologna

Lafram however said that what needs to be done is “to help the family, including the mother herself, and to understand what motivated her to carry out this act.”

Mayor Virginio Merola upon learning of the incident has slammed the punishment given to the eight-grader and said that it was an “unacceptable parental authoritarianism”. He also gave a stern warning for “those who come to Italy must follow our laws and our Constitution.”