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July 10 (UPI) — Kim Jong Un attended a performance that celebrated the launch of the Hwasong-14, North Korea‘s first “successful” test of what it claims is an intercontinental ballistic missile.

According to Pyongyang’s state-controlled news agency KCNA, a commemorative musical and dance performance was “carried out magnificently” in the capital city.

Newsweek reported one of the performances depicted the release of the Hwasong-14, and an interpretive tap dance was performed to a song titled, “Toast to Victors.”

KCNA stated the staged event took place on Sunday and “female artists” congratulated the North Korean leader with bouquets of flowers.

The audience and performers reportedly made shouts for joy in Kim’s presence. The leader acknowledged the acclaim, according to state media.

Missile engineers and scientists accompanied Kim to the performance, as did Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly Kim Yong Nam, political director of the Korean People’s Army Hwang Pyong So, Prime Minister Pak Bong Ju, and Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party Choe Ryong Hae, Pyongyang said.

Musical groups performing at the event included the Moranbong Band, the Chongbong Band, the national choir and a dance troupe.

“The performance showed off the force of the dignity and invincibility of the self-reliant socialist Korea that was demonstrated to the world, the fulfillment of the teachings of the departed, and the revolutionary spirit of our military and people that will lead to final victory,” KCNA stated.

North Korea launched the Hwasong-14 on July 4 and claimed it flew 580 miles at a maximum altitude of 1,740 miles.