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A liberal campaign being launched Thursday is poised to fight any plan presented by President Donald Trump that cuts taxes on wealthy Americans, The Washington Post reported.

The “Not One Penny” campaign — Not One Penny in tax cuts for the rich — will target uneducated white voters in eight traditional Republican districts in Iowa, Arizona, Kansas, Arkansas, Maine, Texas and California, the Post reported.

“Progressives have known for a while that tax cuts were the No. 2 priority for Trump, after Obamacare repeal,” Nicole Gill, executive director of TaxMarch, one of the groups spearheading the new campaign, told the Post. “They have the money, and we have the millions — we have actual people who want to fight this.”

The 7-figure ad buy hopes to appeal to whites without college degrees making less money who voted for Trump in 2016, but may not like the idea of the wealthy getting tax relief at their expense, the Post reported.

The goals of “Not One Penny” are aimed squarely at them:

“The last thing we need is for the tax code to be even more rigged in favor of millionaires, billionaires, and corporate insiders,” write organizers, the Post reported. “Even more tax breaks for the super rich will undermine our commitment to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and make it impossible to invest in the middle class.”