Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said President Donald Trump should stop tweeting when he embarks on his first foreign trip on Friday.

“He has to keep his mind on what’s he’s doing,” Albright told CNN’s “New Day” program. “He represents the United States. And, I hope, even though we seem to be setting kind of a low bar for this trip, if he just doesn’t make mistakes, I hope that there is not one single tweet about anything during the nine days that he’s gone.”

She also voiced concern about just how prepared he is for the trip.

“Having worked for two other presidents, they actually worked very hard and were briefed in detail for trips like this,” Albright said. “Every presidential trip is complicated.

“And what keeps me up at night is that there’s not a full team that is working at the State Department and all the questions about what is happening inside the White House.

“That’s what worries me. Because there’s an awful lot happening and we have a president who doesn’t seem to do his homework.”

Trump’s first foreign trip as president will include stops in Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Vatican, The Hill reported.