Buyers for dope

Marijuana vendors across Oregon are now preparing for a new law that will ban dispensaries selling both medical and recreational marijuana. This will leave many dispensaries to choose which customer they would like to serve.

Oregon lawmakers are now forcing marijuana vendors to sell either medical or recreational marijuana. The new law will go into effect across Oregon this weekend. The state also expects many dispensaries to close for several days while sorting and planning what their business would cater.

Medical marijuana shop.According to reports of KOBI5, most dispensaries now are choosing to sell recreational pot and eliminating their medical marijuana amid the implementation of the new law. Recreational marijuana makes up most of the dispensaries sales, making the choice easy for many vendors.

 ‘We wouldn’t be able to survive’

Crystal Plotner, a dispensary manager in Oregon, told KOBI5 “Currently 85 percent of our customers are recreational… So if we were to stay medical we drop down to probably only 15 percent of our existing sales, and we wouldn’t be able to survive.”

Some fear that the new law would weaken the medical marijuana industry and would decrease the choices of patients who needed medication.

Medical marijuana is currently legal in 29 states, while seven states and the District of Columbia have adopted more expansive laws legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

Legalization of recreational marijuana won huge victories on November 8, and medical professionals fear that the overwhelming vote on recreational marijuana would cut the supplies of medical cannabis.

Others think the overwhelming support for the “big pot” industry would create a more competitive environment with lower prices that would benefit patients who needed marijuana medication. Some argued medical pot dispensaries are just upset they would lose their grip in the industry.