A radicalized Muslim who was confirmed to be on the terror watchlist launched an attack at the Paris’ Orly Airport.

The gunman’s initial attack came at around 7am local time in Steins. The man was stopped by French authorities at a security checkpoint. The radicalized Muslim shot a policewoman then fled the scene in a stolen vehicle.

The gunmen then drove to Orly airport where he attempted to steal a gun from a counter-terrorism soldier before being killed.

Orly AirportThe Paris Aeroport issued a twitter warning saying: “On going special operations by the Police. Please follow their instructions (safety area).”

Airport flights were diverted to Charles de Gaulle Airport and about 3,000 people were evacuated from Paris airport while French authorities cleared the area and deployed the bomb squad to make sure that the suspect had not planted any explosive devices.

The policeman according to reports said to have sustained “light injuries” from the attacker and that no other injuries has been reported according to the spokesperson from the Interior Ministry.

The injured soldier is part of Operation Sentinel, a security program where troops in full battle dress attire (BDA) are deployed around high-profile areas. The initiative was put in place after the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in Paris.

France remains on high alert after a series of terror attacks from Islamic extremists.