Kraft Belichick

While U.S. President Donald Trump is moving towards Making America Great Again, his friends Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft of the new England Patriots are making headway into making the team great again for the Off-season.

The team aims to win another Super Bowl, and with how things are going for their off-season, it seems that the path to their greatness has already been paved. One could make a strong contention that the team now is much better than the team that beat Atlanta in the Super Bowl last February 5.

belichick-kraftPatriots have reeled in top free agent cornerback, former Buffalo Bill Stephon Gilmore in a 5-year $65 million deal last March 9.

The following day, the patriots traded their 2017 first and thirds-round picks to the Saints for one of NFL’s most prolific receiver, Brandin Cooks.

Cooks would be filling in the deep threat the Patriots sorely lack last season. Cooks, running the 40-yard-dash in a remarkable time of 4.33 gives the team the speedy receiver they badly need.

The Patriots also acquired an excellent tight end with Dwayne Allen. A fourth-round pick was sent to Indiana for Allen. A very proficient all-round tight end, Allen is excellent at blocking and receiving. With Allen’s entry to the team, the patriots let Martellus Bennett walk in free agency. With Bennett’s announcement that he will be boycotting the Patriot’s visit to the White House, it seems that team owner Kraft and coach Belichick is not happy with Bennett’s pronouncement. Both Kraft and Belichick are good friends of the President.

The team also sent a second-round pick to the Carolina Panthers for Kony Ealy and a third-round pick. Ealy, a defensive gem had 14 sacks in his first three seasons in the NFL.

Rex Burkhead, a multi-talented running back was added to the team on Tuesday. He is an underrated runner and an excellent receiver. He would go well with Tom Brady as the Patriot quarterback loves to throw to his running backs.

With the changes and the vast improvement from last season’s lineup, the Patriots are more than ever ready to start the campaign for another Super Bowl. And from the looks of it, the Patriots are on their way to be great again.