The Planned Parenthood Southeast organization announced that they received over $300,000 private donations after President-elect Donald Trump won the recent presidential election, according to Glamour.

In just six weeks since the national election, the organization received a massive upsurge in donations. Nearly 82,000 individual donations were made under Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s name.

Clearly, the surge in donations was in response to the recent election results.

Over half of the total donations were made by Millennials and over 70 percent came from individuals who had never donated to the organization before.

ACLU also received ‘massive donations’

The Planned Parenthood Southeast organization was not the only liberal non-government organization who received massive donations.

More than $7 million was donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in the five days after the election. According to ACLU, they received a total of $23 million in donations since Trump was elected.