Suspects arrested for murder of Jill Sundberg

GEORGE – Police have in custody five illegal immigrants wanted for the gruesome murder of a woman who was allegedly shot 13 times. The victim, Jill Marie Sundberg’s body was found 1.5 miles west of Silica Road on December 22, 2016.

Jill Marie Sundberg

Grant County Sheriff’s Office along with deputy U.S. Marshalls and Inter-agency Narcotics Enforcement (INET) task force made the arrest. The Sheriff’s office released the report of the arrests:

  • Gustavo Tapia Rodriguez, alleged shooter, age 39, charged with murder in the first degree and kidnapping in the first degree;
    • Ambrosio Mendez Villanueva, age 25, charged with murder in the first degree and kidnapping in the first degree;
    • Julio Cesar Albarran Varona, age 25, charged with murder in the first degree and kidnapping in the first degree;
    • Fernando Marcos Gutierrez, age 33, been charged with being a material witness along with immigration charges;
    • Salvador Espinoza a Gomez, age 24, charged with being a material witness, and possession of a firearm, drug charges, as well as immigration charges.

The Sheriff’s office confirmed that all five suspects were in the country illegally. The report was tweeted by Patrick Erickson KHQ.

According to multiple witness accounts, Jill Sundberg was in an argument with one of the suspects, Gustavo Tapia Rodriguez on the evening of Dec 21 at the Shady Tree RV Park. Moments later, the victim was taken to Silica Road where her body was eventually located.

The material witness said that they left the RV park with Sundberg with Varona holding the victims’ hands behind her back.

The suspects and the witnesses then drove the victim to a rest area alongside a highway. Varona was seen forcibly grounding Sundberg by kicking the back of her legs. When the Sundberg was down on the ground, Rodriguez allegedly unloaded 13 shots to Sundberg’s head.

After killing the victim, Mendez Villenueva reportedly wrote a Spanish inscription on a piece of cardboard. He later placed the cardboard at the victim’s back and stabbed a knife through to secure it in place.

The suspects along with the witnesses then drove to a convenience store where they purchased beer.

Sheriff Tom Jones told reporters that “This was an immense collaborative effort between responding agencies. Our sincerest thanks to all and continued prayers to the Sundberg family for their senseless loss.”