Trump Speech

One of the points the president raised in his speech to the joint session of Congress, is his intention of destroying Islamic State. He reiterated his promise to ‘extinguish’ the terror group and vows to accomplish that goal.

Trump indicated that he directed the Pentagon to devise a new strategy to counter ISIS. A preliminary plan was presented by Defense Secretary James Mattis to administration principals on Monday to get their inputs on the strategy to be used against the Islamic terrorist.

According to the president, the plan would also include cooperation with U.S. allies, which includes those in the Muslim community to ‘extinguish’ the ‘vile’ terrorist group out of existence.

ISISMuch of the plan’s details have not been revealed, Pentagon however said that the strategy would include multiple government agencies which would target ISIS from different areas.

Pentagon is also reportedly considering the possibility of deploying ground troops to Syria to quell the terrorist group.

The new plan has also been reporter to counter ISIS not only in Syria and Iraq, but the operations would include Afghanistan, Libya and southeast Asia.

The President also said that the administration is “taking strong measures to protect our nation from radical Islamic terrorism.”

With his executive order on travel restriction, blocked by Federal Judge James Robart, and his ruling was sided by U.S Court of Appeals for Ninth Circuit, Trump called it ‘reckless’ to allow uncontrolled access to the U.S. from nations where proper vetting is difficult.

President Trump vows to take new measures to “keep those out who will do us harm.”