A fire broke out in Project Defending Life, otherwise known as Women’s Pregnancy Options in New Mexico on Wednesday evening. Fire officials claimed that the incident at the pro-life pregnancy center was an act of intentional arson.

The pro-life pregnancy center is situated nearby a late-term abortion facility and right across the Planned Parenthood center. The culprit, setting multiple fires made sure the pro-life-center-attackedplace was destroyed. The Roman Catholic chapel including the meeting room was badly damaged, with broken windows and charred pews.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident. Authorities concluded the culprit was fully determined to destroy the place but not to kill anyone.

Abortion and infanticide supporter

The motive for the fire stands clear. The culprit’s views go against Christians and pro-life advocacies. Setting fire intentionally to a pro-life center indicates that the suspect supports abortion and infanticide.

However, the fire was counted as a failed act to stop the pro-life facility. The incidence will not hinder the facility to help other pregnant women seeking assistance.

Meanwhile, local authorities called in the FBI to conduct their own investigation of the fire. Authorities strongly believe that they were handling an arson case and labeled it as a hate crime.

Planned Parenthood remained silent on the issue.

Conversely, Respect New Mexico Women, a pro-abortion group said in a statement that they condemned the blaze and called it a “hate crime committed against Project Defending Life, a peaceful organization”. The group was also thankful that no one got hurt.

The President of Students for Life of America, Kristan Hawkins said, “The domestic terrorists who committed this heinous act must be found and brought to justice”. She added that “Violence has no place in our society”. Hawkins believed that violence does not hold any place particularly in a “defenseless pre-born child or a peaceful pro-life office.”

Late-term abortion capital

Albuquerque transformed into a place known as the late-term abortion capital of America. The city also houses Southwestern Women’s Options, the late- abortion provider.

The fire at Women’s Pregnancy Options marks as the second pro-life center arsonists targeted in a month. The fire at the facility came after a strike at the Virginia Maternity home last month.

The pro-life center remains closed until further notice. For the meantime, pro-life supporters are thinking of a way of getting a mobile pregnancy care unit.

Authorities say that investigations are on-going as they have not yet identified the suspect/s.