The Justice Department’s choice of Robert Mueller as special counsel in the probe of possible ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia is a positive sign, Rep. Elijah Cummings said Friday. 

“It was a very good move and I think it came at the right time,” Cummings, the leading Democrat on the House Oversight committee, told CNN’s “New Day” program. 

“The best thing that happened was to have someone like Mueller come in… who has a stellar reputation for no nonsense, to come in and say, ‘let’s get this investigation done,'” Cummings continued. 

“I think that all the committees will back up and let the FBI — people need to understand, when you’re dealing with the FBI, this is a whole another ball game.

“People can lie and lie and lie to each other, but if an FBI agent walks into your office, and asks you some questions, that’s the time when the lying, if it stays a lie, that’s an offense you can be charged with,” he added. 

After his CNN appearance, Cummings spoke to CBS News about the probe.