Fox News anchor Shepard Smith on Wednesday criticized President-elect Donald Trump for his shouting match with a CNN reporter.  During Wednesday's press conference, Trump shouted down a question from Acosta, accusing the network of being "fake news" for reporting on Tuesday night on a memo alleging that Russia may possess compromising information on Trump and that his campaign members had irregular contact with Russian officials.

Anchor Shepard Smith came to the defense of CNN’s Jim Acosta during his Wednesday afternoon broadcast on Fox News and rebuked President-elect Donald Trump for declining to call on the CNNer at a press conference. Smith was enraged that Trump called out CNN for “fake news.”

Following a contentious one-on-one during the President-Elect’s Wednesday afternoon press conference, Shep’s heart bled for CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

The tête–à–tête between Trump and the CNN reporter came on a day when the nation awoke to find a fake news report by CNN. This was supplemented by a document dump by Internet site BuzzFeed. The story stated that Donald Trump had made undisclosed financial deals with Russia. There were also scandalous accounts about encounters with prostitutes. However, the story had been hovering at least since July and has been ignored by every major news outlet in the country. This was due to the fact that nothing covered in the report is certifiable.

Donald-Trump-presserTrump decided he didn’t feel much like taking a question from CNN’s political reporter as a result of the release of the fake news. Trump even emphatically called CNN “fake news” during the presser.

Nonetheless, Smith was offended that Trump refused to accept a question from CNN’s Acosta. On his own show, he chewed out the President-elect for “belittling or delegitimizing” CNN.

“CNN’s exclusive reporting on the Russian matter was separate and distinctly different from the document dump executed by an online news property. Though we at Fox News cannot confirm CNN’s report, it is our observation that its correspondents follow journalistic standards and that neither they nor any other journalists should be subjected to belittling or delegitimizing by the President-elect of the United States.” the Fox anchor insisted.

Trump blasted CNN during the January 11 press conference for “building up” the false allegations in the story about Russian financial connections. And as he condemned CNN, Acosta exclaimed, “Since you are attacking us, can you give us a question?”

In reply, Trump refused,  saying, “Not you. You are fake news.”