On Sunday, Swedish police announced that the man suspected of carrying out the deadly truck attack Friday that killed four people, was wanted for deportation for being a rejected asylum seeker.

The AftonBladet newspaper reported that the 39-year-old Uzbekistan citizen was scheduled for deportation. According to the paper, Police commander Jonas Hysing said,  “we do not know where they are, so we cannot enforce expulsion.” Hysing was referring to the numerous migrants rejected by Sweden but could not be deported because the government had no records of their locations.

Furthermore, the police commander told  AftonBladet  that the attacker was interested and sympathetic to ISIS, as shown by his online posts.

“We know that he showed interest for extremist organizations like IS,” Hysing said.

A police report revealed that the suspect had requested for a resident permit in 2014 but was only officially rejected by the Asylum Board in 2016, declaring that the man should be deported.

Hysing explained: “The Migration Agency rejected it in June 2016 and also decided that he was to be expelled. In December 2016, he was informed by the Migration Agency that he had four weeks to leave the country. In February 2017, the case was handed over to the police to carry out the order, since the person had gone underground.”

The suspect came out of hiding Friday to steal a delivery truck in Stockholm and used it to plow into crowds of pedestrians then rammed it into a department store, leaving in his wake, four dead and 15 injured.

Delivery truck driven into Stockholm department store after running over crowds

Of the four fatalities, one was identified to be a British citizen, one was a Belgian national, and two were Swedish citizens. At present, no names have been released by the authorities.