A report by Syrian State Media SANA alleged that the U.S. cruise missile strike on a Syrian air force base in the central part of the country Friday, also killed nine civilians, including four children when missiles hit their villages.

SANA said that two adults and three children were killed by a missile in the village of Shayrat, which lies adjacent to the airbase.

The news agency added: “An American missile also hit the village of Al-Hamrat, which killed four civilians including a child. Another seven civilians were wounded when a missile hit homes in Al-Manzul, four kilometres (two and a half miles) away from the Shayrat air base.”

A salvo of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched at the Shayrat airbase in reaction to what U.S. President Donald Trump labeled as a “barbaric” nerve gas attack on a Syrian town located in rebel-held territory by Syrian President al-Assad’s loyalist forces.

The Pentagon claims that the warplane that conducted the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhun was based at Shayrat airbase.

To prevent casualties that could lead to a further escalation of the crisis, Russian military commanders in Syria were notified of the U.S. strike in advance, Washington said.

The Syrian military claims that the missile strike killed six people on the base.

The strike marks the first time that U.S. forces carried out a direct attack on the al-Assad regime.