Peter Neumann, an international terrorism expert gave a stern warning that Europe should expect more attacks from Islamist terror organizations. Friday’s terror attack in Stockholm is the third Islamist attack to hit Europe in a span of just three weeks. The other two were from the Russian train bombing and the London attack outside of the British Parliament.

Neumann who heads the International Center for the Study of Radicalization (ICSR) told ZDF that “I believe that, more, more, more, ISIS will be using its supporters in Europe to carry out attacks.”

He pointed out the importance of the people to have a realistic assessment of the Islamist threat but stressed that “this doesn’t mean there are going to be acts of terrorism happening in Europe every day, or that people should be frightened to go out on the street”.

According to Neumann, European authorities are capable of fighting against Islamist attacks, but urged the security services to keep a close watch on individuals that have already been identified as potential terror threats.

Counter-Terror servicesHe also indicated that there is a need to boost resources and the capabilities of counter-terror units and that it is of prime importance that concerned agencies should process all files of possible threats to prevent further Islamist attacks. He said: “You need to have a concrete, integrated, systematic approach to prevention,”

After the attack outside of the Parliament in London, Neumann said that nations in Europe need to learn to live with terror. He said: “Just because nothing happens for two months doesn’t mean the risk of a terror attack being carried out has declined, and this is something we need to adapt to,”

The ICSR chief believes that the counter-terror agencies in Britain are more capable of dealing with the threats than most of Europe. He concedes that these agencies do not have enough resources to deal with the overwhelming number of possible threats.