London terror attack

A major security alert has been raised in London after shots were fired outside the British Parliament. The House of Commons is now on lockdown.

David Lidington, the head of the House of Commons informed lawmakers that: “At the moment, the very clear advice from the police and the director of security in the house is that we should remain under suspension, and that the chamber should remain in lockdown until we’ve received advice that it is safe to go back to normal procedures,”

Initial reports indicate that a policeman has been stabbed, the assailant was shot by police officers responding to the incident.

Three gun shots were heard outside the Palace of Westminster after an attacker ran through the gates of the parliament compound brandishing a knife.

Before the shooting, there were reports that about a dozen were injured when a vehicle plowed through pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge after which the vehicle rammed through the railings of the House of Parliament. It is still unclear if the driver of the vehicle was the same attacker with a knife that assaulted the police officer before getting shot.

westminster attackArmed police have cleared the area and secured the Parliament Square.

An air ambulance landed in the Parliament Square while emergency responders rushed in to help the injured people.

Clarifications will follow about the attack as it is an ongoing story. More to come as we update the story and get further confirmation on the incident.