78-year-old shoots alleged robbers

Monday morning, a 78-year-old man shot and killed an armed man who tried to rob him in front of his home in Houston, Texas.

According to KTRK ABC13, the senior citizen stepped out his home early Monday morning to pick up his newspaper, then two armed men approached him and robbed him. After the armed men took his wallet and attempted to flee using a gray pickup truck, the homeowner quickly grabbed his handgun and opened fire. He shot the vehicle’s rear window multiple times.

The pickup truck was later found in front of a car wash with one person with gunshot wounds inside. Police brought the man to Ben Taub Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival. After the investigation, police found out that the dead man was one of the suspects in the robbery. The other suspect fled the truck and is still at-large.

North-Houston-Robbery-Suspect-ShotThe son of the 78-years-old man said his father was simply defending himself after the armed men pointed a gun to his head, KJOU CBS11 reported.

A neighbor told KHOU that he was awakened by loud gunfire shots, When I laid down, I hear go, ‘Pow, pow, pow, pow’ real loud, and then I heard commotion, like voices.”

Aside from being a homeowner, the elderly man also owns a rental property in the neighborhood. “I’m glad that our landlord is OK, ’cause we depend on him a lot,” said one of his tenants.

“He looks out for us, he makes a lot of repairs around here, and he works very hard,” Tenant added.

A spokesperson with the medical examiner’s office told KHOU that the suspect’s fingerprints did not provide a positive match.

No charges filed against homeowner

Police did not charge the homeowner, but as per standard procedure, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office will present the man’s case to a grand jury.

Felons shot by homeowners during attempted burglaries and robberies have been common in Houston over the past weeks.