President Donald Trump’s priority for safety and security of American citizens shows with the administration’s budget proposal. Agencies that were once considered as vital and untouchable by the left has seen their budget dramatically slashed in the proposed budget.

In a message to congress, the President wrote: “To keep Americans safe, we have made tough choices that have been put off for too long,” he further adds: “But we have also made necessary investments that are long overdue.”

The budget proposal increases defense spending by $54 billion. Funding for immigration enforcement has also increased with a 4.1 billion investment for the construction of the border wall to provide security on the southern part of the country.

Defence budget blueprintThe president wrote: “We must ensure that our courageous servicemen and women have the tools they need to deter war, and when called upon to fight, do only one thing: Win.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs was also given a 10 percent increase in the budget proposal, as the President aims to fulfill his promises to the welfare of the veterans.

With the proposal of an increase in budget spending vital to the safety and security of the nation, other agencies have experienced their budget slashed. The State Department received a 28 percent cut in an effort to minimize the foreign aid programs being undertaken by the department.

The Environmental Protection Agency received the biggest cut in the proposed budget with a 30 percent decrease in budget. The Department of Agriculture’s budget received a 29 percent cut while the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Labor saw their budget getting a 20 percent cut in their budget.

The budget also proposes the elimination of funds for the Corporation of Public Broadcasting.

The Department of education received a 13 percent cut, however the Washington Post reported that there is an allocation for the charter school program worth $168 million and a $250 million for the private-school choice program.

Trump’s letter to congress also stated the: “We are going to do more with less, and make the Government lean and accountable to the people,”

The budget blueprint shows the priorities of the Trump administration; we expect that additional details for the budget would be made available by the White House possibly in the early part of May.