trump-leaves business

On Wednesday, real estate billionaire Donald Trump announced he will leave his business officially ‘in total’.

The President-elect said he will organize a news conference in two weeks’ time with his kids to discuss his effort.

Trump Tweeted on Wednesday morning, “I will be holding a major news conference in New York City with my children on December 15 to discuss the fact that I will be leaving my great business in total in order to fully focus on running the country in order to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

He added that “While I am not mandated to do this under the law, I feel it is visually important, as President, to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses”.

Furthermore, he implied that legal documents are being created to take him “completely out of business operations”.

Concern about ‘conflicts of interest’

Trump claimed that “The Presidency is a far more important task!”

Since the presidential election, Trump received criticism if elected as president and running his business at the same time. Critics’ raised concerns over conflicts of interest that might emerge during his administration.

However, Michael Cohen, the President-elect’s lawyer said that the adult children of Trump will manage the business. Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka, and Eric will oversee the company through a blind trust while Trump assumed the role as the President of the US.

A few weeks ago, Cohen told Politico that Trump remains, very comfortable with them at the helm and the people that will surround them”.