Trump Kelly

Retired Marine Gen. John Kelly, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Department of Homeland Security, vowed to “rapidly” deport illegal immigrants to their country of origin.

“The Congress has passed longstanding laws making foreign nationals without legal status removable from the United States, and it is proper for DHS, like any other law enforcement organization, to faithfully execute the laws on the books,” Kelly wrote in respond to questions by Senate’s Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday.

Kelly also criticized the current Obama administration for being very lenient on illegal immigrants which resulted to its increasing numbers. He questioned Obama’s policies, such as limiting the role of the state and local authorities in tracking down illegal immigrants. Moreover, Kelly is against letting illegal immigrants sign up for the US army. This practice expedites their path to being an American citizen.

Retired Marine Gen. John Kelly“I believe that rapidly processing and returning aliens to their countries of origin in significant numbers will help to immediately and significantly reduce the number of individuals and groups trying to enter the country illegally,” said Gen. Kelly.

Kelly also praised Trump’s promise to build a border wall to solve the problem of illegal immigration.

“A physical barrier, in and of itself, will not do the job,” Kelly Said

He mentioned that extensive ground and air patrols should support the wall.

The defense would start from the south-western border of Peru all the way to the east. Kelly pointed out that the U.S. can be partners with its South American neighbors to crack down drug smuggling

“We could have better partnerships,” Kelly said.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) also described Kelly as an “an excellent choice, superbly well-qualified for the position, and a person of highest integrity.”

While Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) described him as “tenacious” and said, “There is no quit in this man.”