Former Celebrity Apprentice star Donald Trump is to become the 45th President of the United States.

His win is a huge blow to the political establishment in the biggest shock in the history of US politics.

Voters came out in huge numbers across America to tell Trump: “You’re hired” and now they expect him to deliver on his key pledge of making America great again.

This has been the most divisive election campaign in history with controversy following each candidate every step of the way.


Throughout his campaign Trump demonstrated that he did not care about who he offended and his views on foreign policy, trade and immigration caused alarm in many quarters both at home and abroad.

This is not a victory that has repercussions for only the USA but the whole world could be impacted by the Republican president’s next political moves.

He has threatened to rip up long-standing international trade agreements and walk away from western alliances which have been in existence since the end of World War Two.


Sir Christopher Meyer the former British ambassador to the US warned: “It could be that he puts a nail in the coffin of the North Atlantic Alliance.”

Trump also controversially called for all Muslims to be denied entry to the US – at least on a temporary basis – a move which has been described as unworkable and racist.

Democratic rival Hillary Clinton was widely regarded by the political establishment as a far safer pair of hands while Trump is totally inexperienced in government office.


Trump further alienated many people – including potential supporters – when in the final presidential debate he refused to say whether he would accept the election result if Clinton won.

The following day he fanned the flames by saying that he would accept the result…only if he won.

He constantly claimed the election had been rigged against him, accusations that many said only served to undermine the very democratic process of the US.

Even before he cast his vote in Manhattan today (Tuesday) he went on TV to claim the polls – which has shown Hillary Clinton to be narrowly ahead of him – were intentionally wrong.


Around the world people are asking whether Trump is the right person to lead the free world at such a time of international uncertainty.

The Middle East is riven with political instability, North Korea continues to ramp up its nuclear program, there are fears of another cold war with increased tensions between Russia and the West and China continues to expand its military capabilities.

How the US responds to world events under a Trump administration is something that remains to be seen but many commentators are already speculating that the world will be a much more uncertain place with Donald Trump leading America.