Tony Blair

The British people are being advised to switch off their television sets whenever former Prime Minister Tony Blair appears.

The remarks were made by UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson after Blair used a high profile speech in London to try and reverse the Brexit referendum.

“Stop worrying about immigration – Blair”

Blair said that voters should stop worrying about immigration – a huge political issue in the UK – and ‘rethink’ their decision to quit the European Union.

The former Labour PM said that getting voters to change their mind over Brexit would be his ‘mission’ despite acknowledging that the public do not agree with him.

Foreign Secretary Johnson said today: “I urge the British people to rise up and turn off the TV next time Blair comes on with his condescending campaign.

“This is a discussion we had most of last year and it came out very firmly in favour of leaving the EU.

“We heard all these arguments last year – not a thing has changed – and I think it really is insulting the intelligence of the electorate to say that they got it wrong.”

Tory MP Dominic Raab said: “Tony Blair, who allowed uncontrolled migration from the EU when Labour was in power, refuses to accept the decision people made last June. He wants to go on putting the question over and over again until he gets a different answer.


“It is the height of arrogance and nothing could be more likely to convince the EU to offer the UK the worst possible deal than his suggestion that the decision could be overturned.”

Former Cabinet minister Michael Gove said: “Tony Blair had his say during the referendum – he should now respect the fact that the British people voted to leave.”

During the hour-long speech, Blair said: “I accept right now there is no widespread appetite to re-think but the people voted without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit.

“As these terms become clear, it is their right to change their mind. Our mission is to persuade them to do so.”