Guillermo Damaso

California –  Police have in custody a criminal illegal immigrant who is now facing attempted burglary charges. The suspect, 39-year-old Guillermo Damaso from Mexico, who has been deported twice before was a sex offender.

Port Hueneme Police Detective Rocque Lopez, SR said that Damaso was arrested after eyewitnesses reported that the illegal immigrant was jumping through fences of several houses in the 1500 block of North Sixth Place, wearing a black hoodie, as reported in CBS Los Angeles.

A woman reported to the police that she was in her bedroom when she heard her window opening. She decided to check the window and upon reaching it, she allegedly saw Damaso standing at the window.

The woman was able to get help from her family members who got out of their house to confront the intruder. Damaso who tried to hide was last seen jumping over the side fences of the houses in the block.

The suspect was later arrested by police just a few blocks away from the house that he tried to enter.

Port Hueneme residential homes
Port Hueneme residential homes

Upon further check, records indicate that Damaso was on active probation for weapons and drug violations in the state of California and currently has an outstanding arrest warrant in Florida for child sex crime

Further questioning revealed that Damaso has just been smuggled to the U.S. last Wednesday, just hours before the attempted burglary in Port Hueneme.

Police Chief Andrew Salinas told the media that Damsao “paid a coyote money to illegally cross into the United States,”

Salinas further pointed out that “What was even more concerning is that within that 24 hours, he was up to his same behavior as he had previously been deported for.”

Damaso is now facing his third deportation and is being held on a $200,000 bond.