US and South Korean forces

U.S. Special Operations troops are in South Korea to participate in a huge military exercise designed to “decapitate” the North Korean leadership, the Yonhap News Agency announced.

Commandos from the U.S. Army’s Delta Force, Green Berets, and Ranger’s, along with the U.S. Navy’s SEAL Team 6 will join the yearly Foal Eagle and Key Resolve joint U.S. – South Korea maneuvers, Yonhap reported.

South Korea Winter ExerciseAccording to a military official who preferred to remain anonymous, “A bigger number of and more diverse US special operation forces will take part in this year’s Foal Eagle and Key Resolve exercises to practice missions to infiltrate into the North, remove the North’s war command and demolition of its key military facilities.”

The Foal Eagle maneuvers which began March 1, will finish on the end April. Key Resolve, which is a computer-simulated command post war game, started Monday and will be concluded on March 24.

The North Korean government accused Washington and Seoul of preparing for an invasion and a “pre-emptive nuclear attack” on their country, therefore justifying Pyongyang’s continuation of its nuclear deterrent and weapons initiative.

A report from the Daily Star indicated that although Seoul and Washington declared that the joint exercises are merely defensive, South Korean defense officials have confirmed that the maneuvers were a rehearsal for neutralizing the leadership of North Korea.

Pyongyang has been acting aggressively in the past few months. Last week, it launched multiple ballistic missiles at Japan’s exclusive economic zone.