John Georgelas

John Georgelas, the most senior American Westerner ISIS commander, who found love during “radicalism” time in the UK married a British Jihadi wife, a report says.

The American born who converted to Muslim after the 9/11 attack, came from a wealthy American military family. In his younger years, he has been involved in drug cases.

“Mr. Georgelas married Joya Choudhury, a Briton of Bengali descent, in Rochdale in 2004 when they were both 20. He would eventually persuade her to take their three young boys to Syria while she was pregnant with a fourth child.” The Sunday Times reported.

After moving to the UK, Georgelas joined a radical Islam group. He is now labeled as Islamic State’s top recruiter and reportedly included in a U.S. “Kill List.”

During their stay in the UK, the couple moved and lived in a number of British towns and started to get influenced by the radical Islamic preachers in London.

joya and johnGeorgelas’ wife, Choudhury, is believed to have been “radicalized” when she started her A-level studies at a college in east London, the Sunday Times reported.

He { Georgelas } had a connection with the so-called “Londonistan” scene which revolved around Anjem Choudary, the banned UK-based jihadist group Al-Muhajiroun, and Islam4UK groups.

For years, British government and authorities allowed the “Londonistan” scene to blossom and instead focus on the threat from the “far right”. Nevertheless, Mr. Choudary is now convicted in jail for recruiting followers for the IS terror group and for being behind numerous terror attacks.

Mr. Georgelas married Ms. Choudhury in 2004 and moved to Texas where he was imprisoned for 34 months for hacking the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) website.

“As Mr. Georgelas’ parole expired, the couple traveled to Egypt in 2011 with their two sons, fearing they were under FBI surveillance. In Egypt, they met other European Islamists and Mr. Georgelas made a name for himself as an Islamist “scholar”, The Atlantic reports.

Their whole family later moved to Syria to join the newly established Islamic State. In the time after their arrival in Syria, his wife and children became undernourished and got seriously sick leading to their decision to go back to the west.

Ms. Choudhury filed for a divorce in 2014, went back to America and settled with her children close to Georgelas’ parents, who helped her look after their 4-children.